TS Warrior Player
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TS Warrior Player

Since I was little, I’ve had a passion for video games. 

I've always loved football, adventure and war games.  

The truth is that I was always a boy who enjoyed playing a lot and always shared special moments  with family and friends in front of a Playstation. 

I grew up and everything remained…  

During the day I trained, and when I got home I played Playstation with my friends, thanks to the  platforms that allowed for this to happen. 

The idea of creating the TS Warrior Player was born in 2018 and it all started because I really  wanted to customise my controller. 

After several searches on the internet, I found no one who did what I wanted.  My wife challenged me to create my own brand of custom controllers.  

And that question was enough for me to get in my head that I really had to have my own brand.  

I started to have a lot of ideas, I always carried a notebook where I jotted down all the ideas that  came to me, and luckily, I managed to materialise them.  

Today, we are a brand internationally recognised for its originality, reputation and above all for the  quality of the material we produce.  

Toto Salvio.

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